Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Listing Alerts

  • Buyers want to be alerted to new listings that come on the market in real time. With our Listing Alerts, consumers receive email and text notifications as soon as new properties hit the market or when there is a change in price or status for listings they are interested in. All reports link back to the broker's website will full details and lead generating forms for consumers to request more information or schedule a showing.

Market Tracker

  • For a deep view into a local market, MLS data should be aggregated and parsed by understanding both on and off market data.
    • What was the difference between initial listing prices and final sales prices?
    • What was the percentage of sale price to list price, and how is that average moving from the last quarter, or the last 6 months?
    • What is the average for days on the market – broken down by price segments as well as listings with aggressive pricing adjustments?
  • Market Tracker gives a clear view into these data questions and so much more. Prospects are looking for data. The agent who supplies the data and presents themselves as the market trends expert will development those prospects into clients. Market Tracker gives all this data and so much more directly embedded in the email message. With 10% of more of an agent’s prospects involved in a real estate transaction each year, it is more imperative than ever to always be top of mind. With the Datafloat Market Tracker, the agent will be the market expert and first point of contact when propsects move to active buyers and sellers.

Property Detail Reports

  • Buyers want to know the trend of their investment after their purchase is complete. For agents, staying in touch with previous buyers and sellers can be difficult and time consuming. Property Detail Reports allow agents to deliver address-specific market trends every week, month, or quarter to their buyers. It shows a full suite of market trends, homes on and recently off the market within a specific radius of the address, and multiple ways to re-engage, generating future business. It is completely branded to a specific agent and has a great track record of generating millions of dollars of repeat business for companies across the country.
  • For sellers who want to keep an eye on the market for the best time to list their home, this product is invaluable. It allows them to see trends and comparable properties in their area in a simple-to-understand visual model, which allows the agent to look like the expert in their micro community.

CRM-style follow up

  • All reports are tied to an automated email system, designed to easily brand to a specific agent and company, and reliably deliver monthly or quartly reports to millions of leads and prospects. This system allows agents and companies to have an automated, non-intrusive system working behind the scenes to cultivate leads. Agents or marketing admins can easily search through a history of activity including by agent, office and a full company view. Full statistical views for the year can also be generated on the fly for company, office and agent.

E-mail, print or embed in social media

  • Prospects still like to receive media and reports in different ways – and some agents prefer hand delivery or social distribution over just email. Each Market Report can be delivered in a multitude of ways: Quick overview 1-page reports can be printed for drive-by drop offs; Full reports can be printed in hi-resultion as part of a CMA presentation or drop off; all emailed reports can be embedded in social media for posting on facebook or LinkedIn. The URL in each report is always unique, so agents can copy and paste it into email signatures, embed it on their personal web sites, or text it to prospect without fear of the link expiring.