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Work is easy when you have all tools around you!
IDC Global is a technology services company focused on the needs of the real estate industry, both from a brokerage and agent perspective. Tools are wrapped into three main mediums: Front facing web solutions, a customizable back-office CRM platform, and an extensive suite of email marketing tools. IDC Global uses its proprietary dataFloat technology platform to build and deliver real estate software solutions to companies, agents, and millions of end consumers in easy-to-view formats.

Broker Centric
  • Fast, accurate front-end web solutions for MLS search, branding, and company story telling
  • Search Engine Optimization for local keyword placement on Google and Bing
  • Easy, one-click report generation for lead, agent, and office metrics
  • Full suite of marketing tools for agents, including buyers’ tours, listing presentations, CMA builders, CMR follow-up campaigns and action plans, and the industry’s most comprehensive marketing reports
  • Experienced and flexible design services, producing highly responsive websites with search that conforms to any device
Agent Centric
  • Customizable agent pages and websites, meant to keep brand identity solid
  • CMA tools for listing presentations
  • Easy searchable back office for quick access to leads, clients, and tools
  • Entire assortment of agent-branded email reports and property-centric messaging for client follow up and drip marketing
  • Indexed back-office keywords for quick search-and-go activities
  • Action plans and client scoring by heightened activity
Data Centric
  • Exceptional market-level reports parsing a full scope of on- and off-market MLS data
  • Fast updating from local MLSs for accurate public property search
  • Property-centric tools displaying a wide range of local comps, market changes, and current key information
  • Document storage which automatically keeps reports up to date and at agents’ fingertips
Lead Centric
  • Automated reports reaching leads on pre-determined timeframes
  • Easily searchable interface for quick search and action-related activities
  • Action plans and follow-up programs
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support from the front-end web view for a highly customizable search experience